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One Million Web Site Home Pages: An In-depth Analysis of the State of Web Accessibility

taught by: Jared Smith

Session Summary:

Join us as we conclude AccessU 2019 with this exciting breakfast keynote featuring Jared Smith (WebAIM).

In January 2019, WebAIM conducted an automated analysis of the most popular 1,000,000 web site home pages using the WAVE accessibility evaluation engine. Accessibility and technology metrics were compiled and deeply analyzed to provide the most comprehensive analysis of web site accessibility to date. This session will provide these research findings with specific guidance and recommendations for moving forward.


In order to better influence future web accessibility, we need to thoroughly understand the current state of web accessibility. This session will present the findings of a broad and thorough automated scan of the web, with discussion and recommendations for how best to move the needle of change in the future. An analysis of the most common site accessibility errors, patterns in issues found, and technology/platform correlations will be presented with the intent that session participants will take the knowledge to make the future web a better place for everyone.

Presentation Materials: