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Making Word Suit Your Enterprise

taught by: Cliff Tyllick

co-presented by: Krishna Vemuganti

Session Summary:

Think you know Word? You might not know these tips that have little to do with the documents themselves and everything to do with creating an environment that helps all your colleagues create accessible documents. You’ll learn behind-the-scenes techniques you might not have known were possible. Best suited for Word for Windows and Word for Office 365. Applicable to future releases of Word for Mac OS. Some parallels in current Word for Mac.


Bring your laptop and learn how you can make MS Word at your organization an authoring tool that better complies with the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) 2.0. We’ll go behind the scenes to control the color scheme, the styles, the settings for tables, the available templates, and much, much, more. You’ll learn what files IT should push to every computer so everyone in your organization sees a list of styles that support accessibility. (No “Subtle Emphasis.” No “Intense Reference.”) When they create charts and graphs, the color scheme will support accessibility and can reflect your organization’s brand. When they insert tables, the right settings will be in place by default. AT Texas Health and Human Services, employees who use these techniques find that they spend less time managing Word documents, have better control over their documents, and make their documents accessible. Accessibility will no longer be the afterthought–it will become the unavoidable and natural result of making Word do the hard work for you.