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Making Websites Usable, Not Just Accessible

taught by: Karen Hawkins


Almost anyone today can make a website accessible. But that doesn’t mean that people using assistive technologies can USE them! Technically, the site can pass the WCAG 2.1 guidelines, but the user is still unable to accomplish their goals, or they are forced to do so in a cumbersome, unintuitive way that ALWAYS takes way too much time. It’s quite the understatement to say that an individual using a screen reader does not experience the ease with which a sighted person using a mouse pointer enjoys. Well, I aim to change that. As a user experience professional, I’ve done extensive research on the most usable ways to design common user interface elements that will benefit user experience regardless of input mechanism. During this presentation, I will walk the audience through more accessible AND usable common web components and flows. Examples include: product cards, E-Commerce shopping carts, search results pages, toggling between the filter and the product grid, and more.