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Gaining Awareness of Accessibility at Your Work Place and Building Your Accessibility Knowledge

taught by: Cari Collins

co-presented by: Angela Sarmiento

Session Summary:

Last year I presented with a K-12 colleague on “Telling Our Story: How we are increasing awareness of accessible design” - at a K-12 entity. This year, I’ve moved to the state and will be presenting the same bat topic, same bat tools (closed caption, text to speech, color contrast, alt text), but telling my story of getting connected and understanding how the state encourages accessible design. Note: I’m new to the state. So there will be no official state protocol information here. Just a simple story of how one new to accessible design reaches out, asks questions and has conversations all to the increased awareness of accessible design.


Story sharing using questions, seeking out resources and having conversations about accessible design. Then demonstration of four accessibility tools: closed caption, text-to-speech, color contrast, alt text. If participants BYOD, they can log into the slide deck and use the hands on tools on their own device.

Practical Skills:

Conversations, Questions, accessibility tools



Presentation Materials: