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Design Studio: An Introduction to Design Thinking

taught by: Elisa Miller


User experience designers know that making people successful is the best way to achieve product success. However, people with disabilities are not typically considered in the design process, and efforts to ensure success are normally addressed in code rather than through strategy and design. In this workshop we will use design thinking methods to explore problems that people with disabilities encounter when working with digital products and to conceptualize solutions. We will then cover accessible user experience design patterns and best practices, and discuss methods for integrating accessibility into the design process.

Practical Skills:

”- Be able to describe what a persona is and how the creation of personas can help a software development team

  • Be able to create the kinds of questions needed to elicit information from users
  • Be able to take the information and create a basic persona.”


”- Basic understanding of software development process

  • Basic understanding of accessibility issues
  • Basic understanding of target users (or personas)”