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Dark Patterns Through the Lens of Accessibility

taught by: Joe Devon

Session Summary:

Dark Patterns harm all users. However when even an otherwise reputable company decides to engage in Dark Patterns, it can harm People with Disabilities even more. This will be a fun talk where we commiserate over some common and egregious Dark Patterns out there.


Dark Patterns

This is a fun romp through some common and some particularly egregious examples of Dark Patterns. After a trip through a variety of examples, we will have a discussion about how we can fight back as a community.

Ethics in Computing

Considering code can and does kill people, from hardware that unintentionally kills people, to Dark Patterns that literally have led people to commit suicide, as an industry we have not focused enough on teaching and learning ethics.

How to Fight Back

While it is not going to be a picnic, there are ways we can fight back as a community. As someone who has created a viral event (#GAAD) I have learned just how much a community can come together for a positive cause. We can do it again. Learn how.

Practical Skills:

Spotting a Dark Pattern. How to draw the line on implementing a Dark Pattern. How to leverage the community to fight this scourge.