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AccessU Course List

We received a fantastic response to our call for papers this year and are still in the process of finalizing our course list and schedule. In the meantime (and because we’re not that great at keeping secrets), we are excited to share our preliminary course schedule below.

SNEAK PEEK: Course List for Wednesday, May 15th to Friday, May 17th

Additional courses will be added in the coming weeks.


  • 2019 AccessU Digital Accessibility Legal Update
  • Overview of WCAG 2.1
  • Intro to WCAG by Example
  • Revised Section 508 - Key Things You Need to Know!
  • Catching Up with Accessibility: Beginner’s Basics
  • The WAI to Web Accessibility: An Interactive Tour Through Resources from the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative
  • Everyone is Disabled (Sometimes)
  • Podcast Accessibility
  • Making Word Suit Your Enterprise
  • Developer Experience vs. User Experience
  • Video Captioning Fun with Gene and Dave


  • Design/Creating Accessible Tables
  • Designing Accessible Forms
  • Unlocking Accessibility for UX/UI Designers
  • Importance of Semantics (for Designers and Developers)
  • Making Websites Usable, Not Just Accessible
  • Accessibility and Inclusion in UX Design
  • Design Studio: An Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Usability Testing with People with Disabilities
  • Accessibility and VR
  • Considering the Deaf Perspective in Inclusive Design
  • 20 Questions to Ask when Designing for Accessibility
  • Efficient & Effective Design: Conserving Cognitive Energy
  • A Framework for a Better Framework
  • Responsive Web for Universal Access


  • Build Accessible Experiences Using Carbon with React or Angular
  • Bring Your Own Framework Accessibility - JS-powered Inclusion for Modern Web Experiences
  • Harnessing the Power of Speech to Text as a Tool for Accessibility
  • Surviving Dev Frameworks: Lessons Learned with Drupal, Wordpress, jQuery, and More
  • Inclusive Web Graphics with SVG
  • Screen Readers and CSS: Going Out of Style (and Into Content)
  • more courses coming soon!

Business Strategy:

  • Building Empathy
  • How to Inject Accessibility into your Organization
  • Organization Maturity Model and Assessment Framework
  • VPAT–VWhat?
  • Implementing Accessibility Strategically
  • VPAT 2 Essentials for Conformance Reporting
  • Creating a Culture of Accessibility in Difficult Organizations
  • I Got a Letter from the Office of Civil Rights, Now What?
  • Before Conducting an Accessibility Audit…


  • Accessible PDF Documents
  • Accessible PDF Forms
  • Choosing the Best Audio Description Format for Your Visual Content
  • Plain Language: Accessibility for Content
  • A Free-O Trio: Combining YouTube, VLC, and CADET for Quality Captioning
  • Advanced Remediation of Ancient Word Documents with MS Word: Your Worst Fears Relieved
  • Social Media Management with a Screen Reader
  • Making Microsoft Word Documents Accessible
  • Accessible Microsoft Office: Excel 2010/2013
  • Accessible Powerpoint Presentations
  • Advanced PDF Tagging Workshop
  • Web Site and Social Media Strategies for Non-Technical Professionals


  • Easy Checks for Web Accessibility: Get the Gist (No Experience Necessary)
  • Mobile Web Accessibility with VoiceOver and TalkBack
  • Improving Accessible Quality Through Automated Tools and DevOps Practices
  • Accessibility Testing, The Deep Dive
  • Web Accessibility Testing with A11Y Tools iOS App and Safari Extension


  • Student Benefits and Teaching Resources for Including Accessibility/Inclusive Design Topics in University Courses
  • Make Some Noise: Design and Build Your Own Educational App with Sonification
  • Accessible Mathematics for Students with a Visual Impairment and/or Additional Disabilities
  • #AllKidsCanLearn - Trends in K-12 Assistive Technology
  • Student Accommodations When You Don’t Know the Student - ePUB to the Rescue
  • Human Determination - Better Security Usability without CAPTCHAs
  • Well-Designed Forms: from Bad Design to Accessible