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Advanced Remediation of Ancient Word Documents with MS Word: Your Worst Fears Relieved

taught by: Cliff Tyllick

co-presented by: Krishna Vemuganti

Session Summary:

Your site is probably full of them–PDFs that were never accessible and are up for revision. Maybe they’re Legislative reports, and they’ll be due again September 1. And your colleagues are probably preparing them from documents that were created with the state-of-the-millennium software, Word 97, and are still being revised in that format. Fear not–in this class you’ll learn tips and tricks for turning these digitally dusty documents into marvels of the modern age. In the process, you’ll learn some power moves that make MS Word a Third-Millennium word processor under your complete control.


We will take several typical documents–at least one multichapter report, a policy manual, and some shorter documents; some available as Word files in old formats and others captured from inaccessible PDFs–and we will turn them into lookalikes that are accessible and easily reformatted as needed. If you have a document you would like to work on, send it to me in advance and I’ll see if it offers challenges that everyone can learn from. As you may know, remediation of old documents is often so difficult that the best approach is to go back to unformatted text and apply styles from scratch. Here you’ll learn some alternatives that are worth checking out before you try that nuclear option.


Basic Word Accessibility