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Accessibility Consulting is Broken

taught by: Karl Groves


Most organizations have systemic ignorance about digital accessibility. When they recognize this, they often turn to the services of a consultant who typically provides an audit of the client’s problematic ICT system(s), the deliverable for which is a report outlining the findings of this audit process. I have come to realize and have recently written that this process in which a client hires us to go through their system, test it for accessibility issues, and submit a report to them, is fundamentally broken. it often only adds to their confusion and fails to alleviate their pain.

In this session, we will ask and answer questions like How do we ease the client’s pain and ensure the client is successful in improving their system(s)? How do we help them actually reduce their risk? If the delivery of the audit report doesn’t do it and the client’s repurposing of the report’s content doesn’t do it, where does this leave us? How can we more effectively help ensure client success?

Practical Skills:

Explore options for improving services, including: 1. Generating and delivering internal use assets for procuring, designing, developing, and maintaining ICT systems 2. Integrating accessibility into internal bug tracking and making recommendations on severity and difficulty to address that are among the many questions that the development staff might ask of a consultant. 3. How to identify, develop, and deliver role-based training that systematically eliminates client ignorance.