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Video Captioning Fun with Gene and Dave

taught by: David Dauber & Gene Rodgers


When Gene and Dave began writing, creating, producing, filming, editing, and hosting their own TV show about disabilities, they wanted to make it accessible to everyone. From webpage accessibility to close captioning their show – they had a lot to learn. Closed captioning seemed to be the most intricate and challenging piece of the accessibility pie. But after 10 years of creating The Gene and Dave Show, they’ve learned a lot about captioning videos. Gene and Dave will answer many of your captioning questions:

  • Should I hire a captioning company or have YouTube do the work for free?
  • What software should I use?
  • Is there a difference between closed captions and subtitles?
  • Why don’t I see captions on videos I upload to my phone?
  • [This question must be read aloud in a whiny voice.] Do I REALLY NEED to caption my videos?

We invite you to spend some time with Gene and Dave for some captioning fun. Now you can learn what they’ve learned in over ten years of captioning videos at AccessU.

Practical Skills:

  • Definition of closed captions, open captions, and subtitles
  • Captioning services vs. do-it-yourself software
  • Demo of MovieCaptioner software
  • Exciting live demonstration of how well YouTube captions for you!
  • Camtasia closed captioning
  • Advantages of closed captioning, such as web search optimization
  • Caption file types and embedding captions into video files for mobile device playback


  • None