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Surviving Dev Frameworks: Lessons Learned with Drupal, Wordpress, jQuery, and More

taught by: Kate Walser


There’s often a debate about why applications aren’t accessible. Some people argue that teams don’t care enough about accessibility or prioritize it. Others argue that developers just don’t get it. What if it’s not that simple? What if, in a world of open source and Agile/fast-paced projects, frameworks and deadlines get in the way?

Come learn how - when frameworks like Drupal, jQuery, and WordPress fall short - you can still come out ahead in accessibility by knowing what questions to ask and what resources to engage.

Practical Skills:

  • Understanding of code framework accessibility gaps and things often overlooked
  • Understanding of resources to explore for extending these frameworks
  • Checklist of questions, topics and coding standards to consider on day 1 to promote accessibility


  • General knowledge of accessibility standards
  • General understanding of Agile/development environments
  • Ideally, some understanding of HTML/JavaScript and related frameworks