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Strategy for Native Mobile App Testing Methodology iOS vs. Android

taught by: Jatin Vaishnav


The session will cover the complexities of how to apply WCAG 2.0 guidelines to native iOS and Android apps and developed a robust Mobile App Testing Methodology. This session provides participants with an introduction to automated testing tools, manual testing tools and screen reader technology for mobile platforms, with basic navigation concepts, how to configure or change settings for efficiency, and as well as define an approach to testing mobile apps following the accessibility concepts. In this session we will explore in detail, how to test for accessibility on iOS and Android platform using free and freely available testing tools. Attendees are encourage to bring their mobile devices and be prepared to download and install these tools as part of the session.

Practical Skills:

  • Automated Testing Tools:
    • iOS-Accessibility Inspector
    • Android-Google’s accessibility scanner app
  • Manual Testing Methodolgy:
    • iOS-VoiceOver
    • Android-TalkBack
    • Android-External keyboard testing


  • None