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Rethinking Color and Contrast

taught by: Jared Smith


Think you understand color and contrast and how it impacts accessibility? Think again! Session attendees will get an overview of the current ideas and science behind color and contrast perception, including considerations for users with visual disabilities. They will also gain new insight into how much of what the accessibility field thinks about color accessibility may not be accurate. Results of current research will be shared to provide additional details on color and contrast perception on the modern web, how this aligns (and, more importantly, doesn’t align) with accessibility guidelines, and ideas and recommendations for better ensuring visually accessible web content.

Practical Skills:

  • Gain an understanding of the current state, science, and research regarding color and contrast perception
  • Learn how human perception of color does not always align with accessibility guidelines
  • Learn about current research that provides additional insight into color and contrast
  • Bring all of this together into concrete recommendations for best ensuring accessibility of modern web designs


  • None