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Real Life Application of Developing Knowledge of Accessibility in a K-12 Learning Environment

taught by: Cari Collins & Roger Steele


Technology Design Coaches from Austin ISD will share their story of how we are increasing awareness of accessibility through professional development, coaching, and modeling digital content design. Through implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) across the district; providing teachers with information in small chunks; and, making digital content available to every student no matter their needs, Austin ISD is reinventing the urban education experience with Universal Design embedded into the process. All means all!

We will share our exciting story with you while giving you the opportunity to play with accessible design tools in a hands on blended learning environment. Some of the accessibility tools that we will cover are Text To Speech Chrome extensions, Color Contrast Analyzer, Closed Caption; and using media for student submissions and student/teacher feedback/reflection.

Join us on our journey. BYOD and earbuds.

Practical Skills:

  • Text To Speech Chrome extensions
  • Color Contrast Analyzer
  • Closed Caption video
  • Fonts
  • Reducing fear around ADA
  • Reflection of your journey


  • None