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PowerPoint Design for Aesthetics and Accessibility

taught by: Carmen Matthews


Are you struggling to make your PowerPoint presentations accessible but still appealing? Do you fear that your accessible presentation bores participants to tears because of a bland color scheme and static design? Fear no more! The PowerPoint Design for Aesthetics and Accessibility class will show you how to make slides that are as attractive as they are accessible. In fact, we’ll prove that good, compelling design is a crucial component to true accessibility. During this presentation, we will examine slide design concepts for a variety of content including text, charts, graphs, tables, and images. We will also discuss slide before and afters all while applying accessibility concepts.

Practical Skills:

  • Selecting an accessible color scheme for a slide deck
  • Identifying what content should be on slides and what should be reserved for handouts
  • Applying design concepts to create clean, uncluttered slides


  • None

Presentation Materials: