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Maybe Level AAA is Not So Bad?

taught by: Gerard Cohen


Those teaching and those learning WCAG often aim for, and stop, at Level AA conformance. Level AAA is often dismissed as being too hard and restrictive to implement, that nobody is expected to meet. Granted, some guidelines would definitely require additional investment in order to meet but we also know that we should not treat accessibility as a checklist and that we should focus on improving the user experience. If you are interested in improving the user experience then we can certainly look to the Level AAA guidelines for help.

In this presentation I will go over the Level AAA guidelines with a fresh perspective. You might be surprised to find that you are already doing them, or that it might not require much more effort.

This should be a good, lively open discussion on the validity and feasibility of WCAG Level AAA. It is my intention to show what it really means when we say that “Accessibility is not a checklist” by exposing the number of usability improvements that are hidden within the scary Level AAA guidelines.

Practical Skills:

  • Understanding of WCAG Level AAA
  • Usability improvements that are hidden within the Level AAA guidelines


  • Basic familiarity with WCAG guidelines