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Just in Time Learning…for Everyone

taught by: Stacey Rayos & Carrie Farraje


As learning trends for adult and K-12 students alike move toward micro-learning in the classroom, instructional developers are challenged to create learning modules that are effectively used by visual and non-visual users in a common setting. In this session you will learn the importance of creating accessible micro-learning modules (Just-in-Time Learning), explore the tools that are available to create the modules, discuss using Google Classroom for the training sessions and share ideas on ways to better serve the education community through micro-learning.

Practical Skills:

  • EDefine the need for micro-learning for both visual and non-visual learners
  • Identify issues with training modules which make them inaccessible
  • Demonstrate solutions for issues which make training modules inaccessible
  • Discuss tools used to create online learning modules more effectively
  • Discuss how transcripts, closed captioning, and audio descriptions work together to make a module accessible to both visual and non-visual learners


  • None