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Hints for Simplifying the Complex in Adobe Acrobat Pro

taught by: Cammie Truesdell


Have you ever wondered if there was a quicker or easier way to do some of the accessibility tasks in Adobe Acrobat Pro? Have you ever struggled with creating accessible complex tables and electronic forms? This class aims to show users how to efficiently use Adobe Acrobat Pro to make document accessibility easier. The class assumes the user has experience making documents accessible in Adobe Acrobat Pro, but that there may be other ways to accomplish some of the same tasks with less steps. The class is also intended to review some of the more difficult topics in regards to accessibility in Adobe Acrobat Pro. Complex tables can be tricky because they require more than just identified table headers. Often times form elements do not have their keyboard-accessible component added to the tag structure automatically. This class will show participants how to make those more involved structures accessible.

Practical Skills:

  • How to use the Tags tree efficiently
  • Displaying the Document Title appropriately
  • Using Actual Text sparingly
  • Discuss placement of footnotes
  • Creating links
  • Forming proper lists
  • Making complex tables accessible
  • Designing accessible forms


  • The user should have some knowledge of PDF structure and the Tags pane