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Education with the Internet is for Everyone!

taught by: Brian Miller & Cari Collins


This session will demonstrate how online resources (i.e. BLEND) when paired with common objects, adaptive hardware if needed, and a little old fashioned ingenuity can be used as effective tools to create content rich multi-sensory instruction for students with significant physical and cognitive disabilities. These students typically access web-based curriculum resources through non-traditional ways. They may need adaptive aids and they generally need partial to complete assistance to do so.

Practical Skills:

  • Learn the various ways individuals with significant cognitive and physical disabilities access apps, websites, and other internet based technologies in alternative ways
  • Learn ways to modify and adapt web based content in meaningful ways for individuals with significant cognitive and physical disabilities


  • Watch this video: https://vimeo.com/88716962 to learn more about The Rosedale School and the students we serve.