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Developing iOS Apps with Emphasis on Accessibility Quality

taught by: Brent Shiver & Ram Ramachandran


Brent, a deaf software engineer with the Accessibility Technology and Innovation at IBM Research, will talk about his experience developing iOS apps while ensuring they are accessible. He will share tips on how to fully leverage the framework, including VoiceOver support, and how to utilize Accessibility Inspector for testing and verification, to create apps of accessibility quality. An overview of iOS accessibility framework and walkthrough of basics and other must-knows will be covered with a live demo to follow.

Practical Skills:

  • Overview of iOS accessibility and why it matters
  • Acknowledging and thinking like the user
  • Understanding the basics and attributes that are covered by the framework
  • Understanding the UIAccessibility protocol and thinking outside the box
  • Conducting testing and verification through utilization of the Accessibility Inspector


  • Experience writing Swift applications on Xcode

Presentation Materials: