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On Wednesday, May 16th from 12PM to 2PM CDT, informal assistive technology demos will be given continuously during lunchtime. Grab a box lunch and drop in on as many demos as you like to see how people with disabilities use assistive technology to browse the Internet.

Cognitive Disability

Anne Forrest, PhD, Room TH 104

Anne Forrest, PhD, who has been recognized as one of the nation’s leading patient advocates for people with traumatic brain injury, will tell you her story. She lives with persistent symptoms from a mild TBI that she received during a June 1997 car accident and continues to recover.

Communication Device

David Chapple, Room TH 112

David Chapple, who was born with cerebral palsy and is a quadriplegic, will explain how he uses his communication device to speak. Feel free to ask David about his hobby: painting! David paints with a headstick and a paintbrush attached to the end. You can visit his website at to view samples of his work.

Speech Input

Kim Patch, Room TH 113

Kim Patch is a user interface expert, writer, editor, software developer, and musician. With Kim, learn about Dragon Naturally Speaking. She’s been using a speech input system since its earliest days on desktop computers, and developed Redstart System’s Utter Command add-on that speeds Dragon speech input for command-and-control. Feel free to visit Kim’s blog at:


Gene Rodgers, Room TH 116

Gene Rodgers broke his neck at age 17 when he fell from a cliff in Whipp’s Ledges near his home in Cleveland, Ohio. The good news is, since then, he has had many adventures in 44 countries. Gene uses a trackball and a mouthstick, and by attending his demo you will learn how he browses the Internet.

Screen Reader

Anthony Vasquez, Room TH 117

Anthony Vasquez, a communications specialist with Knowbility and screen reader user, will demonstrate how to surf the web with JAWS and NVDA. In addition to his role with Knowbility, Anthony is a journalism professor at Cal State Long Beach.


Dana Pack, Room TH 118

Dana Pack was born with a visually impairment, optic nerve hypoplasia. She uses zoomtext to help her navigate the constant changes in fonts, text sizes, contrasts and many other things that the Internet offers. She has been using zoomtext throughout her adults years, from college thru employment to her daily life. She worked with students at Texas School for the Blind helping them learn about different assistive technologies to enhance their experiences, such as Zoomtext.