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Lunch & Keynote

taught by: Liz Jackson


Keynote address: Disabled People are the Original Lifehackers

We use what’s available to make things accessible.

The life of a disabled person is spent cultivating an intuitive creativity that allows us to navigate a world that is not built for our bodies. It is a level of design thinking that is rarely tapped in the design community. Yet, disability ingenuity has led to such ubiquitous designs as the bicycle, the iPhone touchscreen, and curb cuts. Liz Jackson is leading a revolution by creating pathways into design for disabled people so they can begin to harness this skill set.

After a chronic neuromuscular diagnosis in 2012, Liz Jackson began to wonder why her eyeglasses were fashionable when her cane and all other assistive products were stigmatizing. This inspired Liz, who shortly thereafter founded the Inclusive Fashion & Design Collective.

AccessU is honored to invite all attendees to join us for lunch on Day 1 as Liz shares how she is “blitzing the fashion industry” and provides a case for everyone to prioritize the exception rather than the rule.