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Catching Up with Accessibility: Beginner’s Basics

taught by: Shawn Henry


If you’re just getting started in web accessibility or if you want to make sure you have the basics covered, this class is for you. It provides you with a solid foundation for understanding how people with disabilities use the web, experiencing common web accessibility barriers, and learning the easy things and the most important things you can do now to get up to speed on accessibility. We’ll focus mostly on the user experience aspects of web accessibility, and mention a little about the underlying code. (You don’t need to know HTML or coding to get a lot from this class.)

Practical Skills:

  • Compelling examples to share with your colleagues
  • Insight into how people with disabilities use the web
  • Understanding of common web accessibility barriers
  • A list of easy fixes to make web pages more accessible
  • Resources for getting more information relevant to your situation


  • None

Presentation Materials: