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Android Accessibility for Native App Developers

taught by: Paul Adam


This presentation will teach you how to identify accessibility problems in native Android apps and how to code them with accessibility in mind. You’ll learn how to use the Android Accessibility API to add all the necessary accessibility properties and keyboard support to your apps.

We’ll discuss the strengths and weakness of Android Accessibility and compare with iOS Native and web accessibility APIs.

We’ll also discuss Android Keyboard Accessibility Testing and Differences from iOS, e.g. keyboard-only testing is an Android native requirement but not for iOS.

Demos of automated android accessibility testing tools like the Google Accessibility Scanner and Android Lint will be shown as well as manual testing techniques.

The main goal of this presentation is to make android native app developers aware of all the requirements for an accessible app and how to implement features of the android accessibility API in their native apps.

Practical Skills:

  • Learn how to build Accessible Native Android Apps
  • Learn automated and manual accessibility testing techniques
  • Testing on device, running the simulator, and analyzing project code
  • This presentation will teach what you need to know as an Android Native App Developer to build accessible apps for users with disabilities using a mobile phone, tablet, or android with a connected keyboard


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