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Advanced Remediation of Ancient Word Documents: Your Worst Fears Relieved

taught by: Cliff Tyllick


We’ve all encountered it: the report that was first produced in Word 97, before anyone at your organization knew anything about accessibility, and is still formatted just as it was back then. No styles. No templates. Completely inaccessible.

And today, it’s your job to make this relic accessible. Maybe it’s so it can be used as the starting point for a revised document. Maybe it’s because a client has requested an accessible copy. Whatever the reason, you need to make it accessible as soon as possible–and it would really help if the accessible version looked as much like the original as possible. In this class, you will learn where to find and how to use the advanced tools Word offers for working your way through this problem methodically. Rather than clear out all the formatting and start from scratch, you’ll learn to find the clues to the different roles for text in the document–and, therefore, the styles you need to create to make the document manageable. And, more than coincidentally, accessible.

Best suited for people who manage documents for an organization and have to clean up others’ messes or who have to take documents from unknown sources and make them accessible to others. Also useful if you need to know the nuts and bolts of why making a document accessible requires you to make it much easier to manage than ever before.

Practical Skills:

  • Advanced techniques for recognizing how a format was created in a Word document–especially when it is done wrong
  • Using Word’s tools to fix them as quickly as possible
  • More than you thought you could ever do with the Styles pane to turn an archival mess into an accessible document–with little change to its appearance


  • Basic Word Accessibility
  • Accessibility 101 (5/15, 11:00)

Presentation Materials: