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Advanced PDF Accessibility

taught by: Teenya Franklin


So, you’ve gotten pretty comfortable working with PDF documents but you run into unique issues that you just don’t know how to resolve to make the PDF accessible and conform with the PDF/UA standard. This session will address some of the more complex issues that people frequently run into. This is NOT an introduction class and we will not spend time on the basics of using Acrobat Pro DC.

At the beginning of the class, attendees will be invited to provide issues that they would like to see addressed. In addition to those, some of the issues we will cover include:

  • Recent updates to Acrobat Pro DC to make it easier to create accessible PDFs
  • The workflow for creating accessible PDF forms
  • Addressing structural elements such as complex tables, headers & footers, and annotations

The goal for this training is to build on your skills in creating accessible PDFs and improve your expertise. It is a hands-on, lab style course so come prepared to do some work. There will be little time spent on lecturing, the focus will be on demos and practicing new skills.

Practical Skills:

  • Ability to create accessible PDF documents.


  • While not required it is recommended that participants who do not have a basic knowledge of PDF accessibility attend the Introduction to Accessible PDFs session prior to attending the Advanced session.