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Accessibility in the Organization: Integrating Accessibility into Job Roles

taught by: Rob Carr


Accessibility is often treated as an afterthought, and most agree that this philosophy does not work. The challenge can come in making accessibility a part of day-to-day operations without creating another silo. This interactive session will begin by asking participants about the digital environments offered up by their organizations and who those digital resources are meant to engage with. We’ll move on from this list to identify who contributes to some of these digital environments with the explicit goal being to broaden our view of who shares responsibility for accessibility. Then we will discuss some of the specific skills that the roles in question need in order to contribute to a more broad and sustainable accessibility program.

To wrap up we will discuss some of the possible outcomes that an organization will realize by adopting and adapting this strategy to its culture and resources.

This approach creates opportunities for organizations to not only move closer to a sustainable program, but also to define training, tools and support required to make it all work.

Participants in the session are invited to actually participate in exercises and by sharing expertise, thoughts and ideas!

Practical Skills:

  • How to use a technology inventory to identify the role players that contribute to an organization’s digital spaces *Identifying which slices of responsibility each has to contribute to making the digital space more accessible
  • Aligning practical accessibility skills and training with the responsibilities identified above

Use this information to make the case for accessibility as a distributed task that deserves coordination and support


  • None

Presentation Materials: