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Accessibility - An Army of One!

taught by: Seda Maurer


It takes a great deal of awareness, effort, education, coordination, integration, and communications to establish and achieve Accessibility Compliance in a large organization. Unless an external team is brought in to help, generally a single brave soul is appointed and given the responsibility of accomplishing this monumental task! If you are passionate about Accessibility and want to realize such a goal for your organization, then you need to become the Army of One! Join Seda Maurer, who has been in this position more than once, and learn how to be the General, the Captain, and the Foot Soldier, and draft people from your organization to help you succeed!

Practical Skills:

  • The big picture for accomplishing such an initiative
  • The business risks, costs, and benefits
  • The key roles and individuals to collaborate with
  • The sensativities that need to be considered for healthy collaborations
  • The type of plans that need to be established and propagated
  • The types of training and tools necessary
  • The ways to measure and track progress


  • None