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During his campaign and throughout his term so far, President Obama has been an active advocate for people with disabilities.  He has a very promising agenda regarding the rights, education and employment of disabled Americans.  However, one area not mentioned on the agenda was the accessibility of  Many accessibility advocates were very disappointed in this sites failure to meet Section 508 standards, particularly because an enormous amount of Obama’s campaign strategy involved the internet.  He is also using the web to keep people informed about what is happening in his Presidency.

Recently, I visited, a place where accessibility flaws are pointed out and organizations are given tools to fix them.  Here, there is a blog post entitled “Somewhat open for questions – some constructive criticism.”  It seems that though the President has good intentions, allowing improved and more open communication with the people, the mode that is being used, namely Google moderator does not come close to complying with Section 508.  The Validsites post details the errors found when testing for accessibility, and though it is Google Moderator that is not compliant, the fact that it is being used by the Government means that it must meet those requirements!  Of course anyone can still send messages to the President via the standard web form, which appears to be accessible using jaws, but you won’t receive the same response and attention as you would by using the open question forum.  Perhaps the Government can put some pressure on Google to make this service accessible?  And as far as, according to their accessibility statement, we should be looking for improvements in the not so distant future.  I encourage you to have a look at both and the Open Question forum and test it out for yourself.  If enough of us send comments to the President about these issues, we can help him in his efforts to empower All Americans, particularly those with disabilities!


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  1. I also sent an e-mail to the website administrators, asking if they would be interested in making an accessible kids site. Their current kids site is pretty poor. So far no response..

  2. This is such an important topic for accessibility! As more government information and services go online, it’s hard to think of many things (except maybe education) where access is more important. Check out the timeline on . Becky Gibson and I deconstructed it at SXSW and she brilliantly rebuilt it accessibly.

  3. I agree that the White House is really disppointing, especially because it should be a model of accessibility.

    There are 256 machine detectable errors on 90 pages linked from But more important are the errors that can’t be detected by machine. On the home page, the forms controls, though labeled, are poorly labeled. And the headings markup for in-page navigation is abysmal. The headings in the crucial table of contents at the bottom, to replace the inaccessible fly-out menus, are not marked up as headings while links to press and videos are marked up as headings.

  4. Speaking of accessibility, during the actual live Q&A session, there was no captioning provided, which was a particularly significant oversight given that it was held at a time when some people are using computers that don’t even have audio output.

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