Last Call for Access U Registration

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It’s less than a week before AccessU, and we are more excited than ever to be able to offer the opportunity for people like YOU to learn from more than 30 experts on accessibility and usability.

It’s not too late for you to sign up and receive hands-on training on universal design, and receive a FREE ticket to our accessible performing arts gala, Sight. Sound. Soul.

So, if you…

Believe the web should empower ALL people

Want to learn how accessibility ties into your usability goals

Are a developer or designer who wants to understand emerging best practices for the web

Want to build innovative and accessible website using cutting-edge CSS techniques

…then you’re in luck, for we’ve saved a spot JUST for you.

Register to Sign Up for AccessU

To learn more about AccessU, please visit our website or contact Knowbility’s Director of Community Programs, Teenya Franklin.


2 thoughts on “Last Call for Access U Registration”

  1. Desiree, Wonderful to learn about your work. I was so empowered. I wanted to be sure you rec’d a copy of my response send to “on the media.” You’ve done great work. We are most grateful and full of awe at what you do. I encourage you to make contact about the “Allied Media Conference” to be held in Detroit on June 17-20, 2010 There is a track on disability justice, which is so tied to your work.

    This amazing and creative gathering is working toward a fully inclusive and accessible event as well as other ongoing activities. I will forward your work to them and I encourage you to consider making contact with them as well. Perhaps you have some ideas for doing a workshop next year. I hope to stay in touch with Knowbility (terrific name!!!).

    Here’s what I sent “On the Media”:
    “Thank you so much for your excellent piece on disability and knowability. To your listeners who are in families who have members with any disability, I strongly encourage them to listen to your program and to advocate…..fight for the right to have access to the technology needed. The types of technology described in your terrific program CHANGES lives literally in 5 seconds. When our son, who has a cognitive disability was in high school, we pushed and pushed for the schools to teach him Dragon Naturally Speaking and other software programs. He did not read or write, however he had the passion to communicate and learn. Persistance paid off. I will never forget his first email sent to us using this technology. It was simply and profoundly, “hi mom and dad…..your son, micah.” Now he sends emails all over the world and uses screen reader and other similar programs to keep up on current events, to express his thoughts, and to build his community.

    It is imperative that families begin to learn and demand that public schools understand the importance of technology as a primary teaching tool for students with some disabilities, esp cognitive disabilities (now referred to as: intellectual disabilities).

    Imagine if tomorrow, all wheelchairs were taken away from all students who use them to move independently in school and community. There would be a huge public uproar. The visual of seeing children literally crawling on the floor or up the stairs would incite communities to stand up and demand that each disabled student get a wheelchair. Sounds dramatic but as a parent of a student with a cognitive disability, denying my son or any other person the right to learn and use the many software programs is exactly like taking away his form of mobility, in this case mobility of the mind.

    The world would be amazed at how few high school students with cognitive disabilities have learned about these techologies. In part, it is based on the fact that too many people have limited expectations for students with cognitive disabilities (intellectual disabiltiies). We must learn to expect great things from all people, knowing that there may be a range of ways to receive and express abilities.

    I encourage “on the media” to continue to do segments on disability. Bravo to you! Bravo to Knowbilitiy!

    P.S. My son’s use of Dragon Naturally Speaking is beautifully filmed in the award winning DVD, “Through the Same Door: Inclusion Includes College” ( You are most welcome to have that segment displayed on your web page. The wonderful Joseph Shapiro of NPR reported on my son, Micah Fialka-Feldman in late December 2009 on “Morning Edition.”

    Thank you again and again for this amazing program. We are spreading the word about it and about Knowbility.

    With respect

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