Katie Haritos-Shea

Katie is fascinated with science and emerging technologies with their potential to improve the lives of all, particularly person with disabilities, the under-served, and the elderly.

Therefore, she is honored to be associated with Knowbility’s unique programs and purpose, and chooses to donate her time and enthusiasm to this non-profit in many ways;

  1. as an active remotely-located board member
  2. as the Knowbility representative on the W3C’s Advisory Committee
  3. providing input on Knowbility’s vision, strategy, and direction for programs and initiatives
  4. shepherding activities, facilitating and grunt-volunteering for key Knowbility programs (i.e., AccessU, KALS, and OpenAir)
  5. raising awareness and articulating the intrinsic value that Knowbility and its programs bring to the wider world community of ICT Accessibility and persons with disabilities
  6. representing Knowbility, as needed, at various functions

Katie is a SME in US Section 508 and international ICT accessibility standards. She has been actively involved in W3C technical standards working groups (WCAG, Web Payments, Privacy, APA, Web Platform, etc.) as an Invited Expert since 2000. She was appointed Chair of the Web Accessibility Interest Group (WAI IG) by Tim Berners Lee in 2015.

Katie currently works for Deque Systems, an Accessibility product and services company, as a Principal ICT Accessibility Architect (WCAG/Section 508/ADA/AODA). Prior to that was with JP Morgan Chase  where she was responsible for planning, training, and executing a firm-wide strategy for QA teams to verify accessibility in its Web and mobile channels. She established a program that included; QA testing methodologies, scripts and systems development for improving UI coding frameworks (HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, ARIA).

As one of the first Section 508 Coordinators for the US Federal Government she ran Section 508 programs for many agencies for 10+ years, before moving into the private sector working first for an Accessibility/Security/Privacy compliance tool vendor, followed by financial services work and then on to Deque. As always. Katie continues her work with International standards organizations, especially with the W3C.

Katie lives in northern Virginia where she loves riding motorcycles and horses whenever she gets the chance. She is ferocious about interoperability on the Web, and its ability to support human rights around the world!