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Kurt Mattes

WCAG 1.0 was just 2 years old when Kurt began his accessibility career by assisting with resolution of a Lainey Feingold structured settlement and subsequently establishing an enterprise-wide accessibility program at JP Morgan Chase & Co. Since then, Kurt has assisted numerous organizations like Indeed, State Farm, Ally Bank, Home Shopping Network, Wells Fargo, Toys R Us, Hilton, Texas State Democratic Party, and government agencies to create accessible and inclusive applications, develop accessibility programs, and incorporate accessibility into their culture.

Kurt has judged Knowbility’s OpenAir competitions, been an invited to speak at several CSUN conventions, and has instructed at AccessU. He has also been a member of the W3C WCAG Working Group as well as the Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Task Force. A recent transplant from eastern Pennsylvania, his spare time is spent exploring Texas (the place is really big!), and hiking with his wife Marci and Howie, the occasionally social dog.