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Katie Haritos-Shea

Katie is a SME in US Section 508 and international ICT accessibility standards. As such, she has been actively involved in W3C technical standards working groups (WCAG 2.0 and 2.1, Web Payments/Commerce, Privacy, APA, Web Platform, etc.) as an Invited Expert since 2000. She was appointed Chair of the Web Accessibility Interest Group (WAI IG) by Tim Berners Lee in 2015.

She is an IAAP Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA), which is a heightened certification awarded to those who have achieved both CPACC and WAS certifications. Additionally, she is a member of several IAAP strategy committees.

Katie also serves on the board of Knowbility, a non-profit out of Austin, Texas whose mission is to improve technology access for people with disabilities all over the world. One of her board duties is to represent Knowbility as their Advisory Committee Representatives on the W3C Advisory Board.

At Deque Katie is a Principal ICT Accessibility Architect (WCAG/Section 508/ADA/AODA), who is responsible for providing executive vision, implementation, and guidance for Accessibility initiatives in all sectors. She specializes in Accessibility as it relates to user-centered design, QA and monitoring of large scale ICT systems for Section 508/WCAG 2 compliance.

As one of the first Section 508 Coordinators for the US Federal Government she ran Section 508 programs for many agencies for 10+ years (recently returned to in the .mil space), before moving into the private sector working first for an Accessibility/Security/Privacy MS SharePoint compliance tool vendor, followed by financial services work before joining our team. As always, Katie continues her work with International technical standards organizations, especially at the W3C.

Katie lives in northern Virginia where she loves riding motorcycles and horses whenever she gets the chance. She is ferocious about interoperability on the Web, and its ability to support human rights around the world!