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Katie Haritos-Shea

ICT Accessibility Architect, and W3C Advisory Committee Representative for Knowbility, Knowbility

Katie, an ICT Accessibility Architect, is responsible for providing executive strategy, implementation, and guidance for Accessibility initiatives for commercial and government clients.

Currently with Wells Fargo Advisors, she has worked on top digital communication teams responsible for planning, training, and executing a organization-wide strategies for design/dev/QA teams to build and verify accessibility in Web and mobile channels. She has established initiatives that include; QA testing methodologies, accessible design requirements, scripts and systems development for improving UI coding frameworks (HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, ARIA), to provide consistent design/development methods and reporting results.Â

As one of the first Section 508 Coordinators for the US Federal Government she then ran and planned Section 508 programs for many Federal and State agencies for 10+ years, before moving into the private sector.

Katie is a subject matter expert in US Section 508 and international IT/ICT accessibility standards. She has been actively involved in W3C technical standards working groups (WCAG, Web Payments, Privacy, APA, Web Platform, etc.) as an Invited Expert since 2000. She was appointed Chair of the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative’s Interest Group (WAI IG) by Tim Berners Lee in 2015.

Katie donates her time to Knowbility as their W3C’s Advisory Committee representative.

She loves riding motorcycles and lives in South Carolina with her entertaining dog, Frodo Baggins!