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Katie Haritos-Shea

Katie Haritos-Shea joined EVERFI in September 2018 as VP of Accessibility in DC on the Product Development Team. She is responsible for providing executive vision to drive and influence Accessibility improvements in EVERFI’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscriptions, products and digital learning services. She helps to identify Accessibility barriers and provide remediation guidance in digital content. Before joining EVERFI, Katie was Principal ICT Accessibility Architect for Deque. Katie is a subject matter expert in US Section 508 and international IT/ICT accessibility standards. Katie has been actively involved in W3C technical standards working groups (WCAG, Web Payments, Privacy, APA, Web Platform, etc.) as an Invited Expert since 2000. She was appointed Chair of the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative’s Interest Group (WAI IG) by Tim Berners Lee in 2015. Katie donates her time on the Board of Directors for an Accessibility non-profit, Knowbility, and is on the W3C’s Advisory Committee as Knowbility’s representative.