Richard Steinberg

Richard Steinberg’s interest in accessibility issues began in 2006 when he wrote a story about dispatchers at Yellow Cab of Austin who are visually impaired, but were able to work there because the company made sure its software was accessible to employees using the JAWS screen reader assistive technology. Originally from New York, he earned a bachelor’s of journalism degree from The University of Texas at Austin. He is a freelance writer best known for “Mr. Smarty Pants Knows,” a weekly column he has penned for The Austin Chronicle since 1988. He has been a communications specialist in state government for more than 20 years and is now with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission where he serves as accessibility coordinator for the Texas Department of State Health Services. He has also co-authored books and worked in the gaming industry. He is also a proud, award-winning ballroom dancer and enjoys fishing. Richard thinks being a dad is the absolute best job and being a Web Accessibility Coordinator is a close second.

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