Elle Waters

Evangelizing the growth of Universal Design and lean accessibility as best practices within large organizations, Elle works on behalf of Simply Accessible with startups and enterprise level clients to build the foundation needed to integrate accessibility into every facet of corporate culture. She’s worked first hand with product, design, content, development, testing, and leadership teams to create scalable methods to ensure more inclusive user experiences and digital content. She’s been privileged to speak and teach at conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia, but most importantly in Austin, Texas. Over the last several years, Elle has seen amazing things happen, where the user’s needs are the primary driver for change and innovation in large scale digital projects, where teams meet and even exceed their specific product goals, and where companies leap ahead of their competition, all by putting accessibility first. Elle has a passion for all things agile, a fascination with emerging technology, and a healthy fear of zombies.

Class given by Elle during AccessU: