Cliff Tyllick

Cliff Tyllick has been aware of accessibility ever since WCAG 1.0, but his interest caught fire at Access U. For state agencies, large corporations, and open-source projects, Cliff has focused on ensuring that the tools available to make things accessible lead the people who use them in the right direction. As an organizer of the Drupal Accessibility Group, Cliff helped coders and project managers make Drupal 7 a highly accessible development platform. He also developed the first accessibility toolbar for Microsoft Word, inspired by a conversation over beers with Tom Jewett and Wayne Dick at the end of the first Access U. Cliff is now an accessibility coordinator for the Texas Health and Human Services System. He lives in Austin with his wife Karen and their two rescued dogs. On weekends, you can find him in Austin’s parks and greenbelts, where he delights in ripping out invasive plants and replacing them with natives, to create better and more interesting habitats for wildlife.

Classes given by Cliff during AccessU: