Web Page Basics: Let’s Start at the Beginning

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Join us as we create an accessible HTML web page from scratch with the basic page elements including a form, a table and an image. Learn preferred practices and potential pitfalls in this interactive demonstration designed for people who are new to developing accessible web pages.

Learn to use effective markup language in the doctype declaration, add effective metadata for browsers in the head element, create accessible and usable content in the body and footer, and use readily-available tools to check your page for errors or accessibility issues. Attendees will learn how to use best practices for coding the elements that most often appear in web pages, including:

  • Doctype Declaration
  • ARIA Landmarks (Roles)
  • The Document Tree
  • Head Elements – Metadata for title, styles and scripts
  • Body Elements – Header tags, Basic Form, Simple Table, Links, Images, Buttons, Animation / Videos, Language Attribute
  • Footer Elements.As the page is being created, we will discuss color contrast, basic CSS, interactions with screen readers, and tools for testing pages.


Stacey Rayos


May 18th, 2017


4:00 pm-5:30 pm

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BYO Laptop Session


Dev / Coding


Understanding of HTML

Take Aways

  • Basic elements and best practices that make a web page / site / application accessible and usable.
  • Page title
  • Semantic HTML
  • Aria-landmarks
  • Focus
  • CSS styling (responsive)
  • Page language
  • Color/contrast
  • Alt text
  • Buttons vs links


Room TH 203

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