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We all want to design beautiful websites and applications, but the most beautiful website is the one that works for everyone. When you add accessibility to your design process, you are designing for everyone.

In this session, we debunk the myth that making an accessible site equates to making an ugly site. We will discuss common issues we see at Simply Accessible, with a focus on maintaining aesthetics while making sites accessible. We’ll break out into small groups to work on solving some common issues, like making text easier to read and images available to everyone. Then we’ll come back together and review the solutions. Everyone is welcome to provide feedback in a respectful, loving way.


Caryn Pagel


May 17th, 2017


8:30 am-10:00 am

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BYO Laptop session


Design & Usability



Take Aways

  • In this session, we will tackle common design patterns that cause accessibility issues, and how to remediate them without degrading the visual appearance of the site, app, program or service.
  • Although this session is tailored for designers, it is open to everyone. We will be covering practical skills in these areas:
    * color contrast
    * text zooming
    * hover and focus states of interactive elements
    * ensuring color is not the only way of conveying information
    * alternative text for images
    * images that contain text


Room TH 116

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