Testing for ATAG – Why Should I Do It? And How?

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When we acquire content management systems or other development platforms, we need to take accessibility into account in two ways: First, can people with disabilities use this tool to develop or administer websites? Second, how well does this tool help the people using it create accessible content? Using local installations of Drupal, we will test the accessibility of its interface and processes for administering a site and creating content, the accessibility of the web content we produce, and the extent to which the authoring tool supports us in making the right decision. We will start the class with a quick overview of the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines, noting its similarities to and differences from WCAG. Then we will create pages, forms, and other components of websites with Drupal, evaluating the accessibility of the tool as well as the content we produce.


Cliff Tyllick


May 18th, 2017


2:15pm – 3:45pm

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BYO Laptop Session




Some experience with using at least one accessibility testing process—for example, WAVE in Chrome, the WAT toolbar, testing for keyboard accessibility, or using a screen reader. We will not devote time to teaching how to use these tools, but we will use them. You might be able to contribute to what the rest of the class learns!

Take Aways

Strategic planning for testing the tools we use, as well as practicing the accessibility testing techniques that will be taught elsewhere. The main purpose will be to get a hold of the concept of testing the authoring tool—something we should consider as we adopt WordPress, Drupal, Plone, or other publishing platforms.


Room TH 216

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