Teaching Accessibility and Universal Design in Higher Education Curriculum: Benefits, Approaches and Resources

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This session will talk about efforts to increase the accessibility skills of individuals in the technology and design fields, with a particular emphasis on web designers. We’ll talk about the current state of affairs regarding the accessibility skills of individuals entering the field from college; and the experience of technology companies who have tried to hire more professionals with accessibility know-how. The student benefits of teaching about accessibility in training programs and university curriculum will be discussed, providing talking points to those who wish to encourage their campus to increase their efforts in this area.

A couple of projects working to increase training and education around accessibility – Teach Access and Promoting the Inclusion of Universal Design in University Curriculum (UDUC) will be discussed. Lessons learning from teaching a class on Universal Design for Digital Media will be discussed by the speaker. In addition, specific curriculum examples and resources and strategies for teaching on this subject will be examined. Opportunities for the audience and their colleagues to collaborate with the two projects mentioned above will be explained. Finally, the last half-hour will be a round-table format where the audience can continue to ask questions or provide input on the resources and strategies they think are most needed to increase the teaching of accessibility in college curriculum.


Howard Kramer


May 18th, 2017


10:15 am – 11:45 am

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Business Strategy, Content, Design & Usability, Dev/Coding, Testing



Take Aways

  • Overview on current state of (web) accessibility expertise in the field of web design
  • Benefits and talking points for teaching technology and design students about accessibility and Universal Design
  • Examples of curriculum approaches for teaching about accessibility in a web design class
  • Resources for acquiring more curriculum resources for teaching about accessibility and Universal Design
  • How audience can use and collaborate with 2 projects working to increase teaching about accessibility


Room TH 118

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