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As an institution of higher learning, do you sometimes struggle with where to start on your journey to becoming an accessible institution?  Are you watching the industry and seeing the lawsuits and worrying you could be next?  If so, this session is perfect for you.

SSB BART Group will share with you their innovative approach to jump starting a digital accessibility program at your institution.  We will share details of two products we offer that assist higher education institutions in gathering the data necessary to develop a strategy for retrofitting their websites and applications for accessibility.  First through Access Discovery, we focus on (i) identifying the overall compliance of the institution’s web systems with key digital accessibility requirements, (ii) analyzing the structure and assets on each system, and (iii) understanding system and page use and risk profiles. This information will inform a compliance, priority, and risk model that can be used to order retrofitting activities.

At the completion of the Access Discovery portion of the project, your institution will have a clear understanding of (i) the systems that fall under the scope of the accessibility requirements, (ii) the current level of compliance of those systems with key accessibility standards and (iii) the relative value of addressing individual systems, components, and pages for compliance based on traffic and system use. This will allow you to ensure the maximum impact for accessibility investments made going forward.

Next, the Access Blueprint portion of the project will provide your institution with an overarching approach to digital accessibility and related legal and regulatory issues will be jointly developed and iteratively defined.  Activities will include developing the following items:

The overall strategy for addressing key digital accessibility requirements relevant to your institution

  • A risk and prioritization model specific to your institution to determine the relative priority of working with specific systems.
  • The overall digital accessibility policies your institution will implement. Collectively these define the organization-wide approach to accessibility and key components of that approach
  • A detailed implementation plan for rolling out the policy and standards across your institution’s operations. This focuses on taking the abstract standards and putting them into real-world use.

At the end of the Access Blueprint project, your institution will have a clear understanding of (i) the overall approach to digital accessibility, (ii) the relative merit and priority of fixing specific systems, systems areas and individual accessibility requirements, (iii) a policy framework for managing digital accessibility across the organization, and (iv) the budget, timing, activities and milestones for making it all happen in practical reality.


Erica Zelmanowicz


May 18th, 2017


4:00 pm-5:30 pm

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Biz Strategy



Take Aways

  • A detailed overview of our product offerings that can help you jump start your digital accessibility program
  • Understanding of practical, economical solutions that can help you get a clear understanding of where you digital accessibility risks exist within your digital assets.


Room TH 303: SSB Bart Room

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