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Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act is one of the most critical standards for the federal government. Section 508 standard are incorporated into the federal acquisition requirements and apply to information and communication technology (ICT) that is used, developed, procured, maintained, or used by federal agencies. The revised ICT standards and guidelines (generally referred to as the “Section 508 Refresh” or “the Refresh”), published January 18, 2017, modernize the approach of applying the standards. The presentation will give you an overview of Section 508, including which technology is covered by Section 508 and as well as the timeline for conformance.

We will discuss how the new standards are structured and how it is different from the previous standards. Restructuring the standards and guidelines allows those determining compliance to evaluate the product or service based on the features that it has rather than what type of product or service it is. In addition to the key differences between the new standards and old standards, we discuss what has changed since the 508 Refresh was originally proposed.

You will also learn about the harmonization of the Section 508 revised standards with international standards, most notably the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0), which is incorporated by reference.


Sam Joehl


May 17th, 2017


4:00 pm-5:30 pm

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Business Strategy – Content – Design & Usability – Dev/Coding – Testing



Take Aways

  • What is covered by Section 508
  • How to apply the Section 508 standards
  • The differences between the revised Section 508 standards and the old standards


Room TH 303: SSB Bart Room

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