Remote Usability Testing with People with Disabilities

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If you have conducted a usability test, you understand how important it is to observe your target users using your interface, and then apply what you learn to make their experience easy and fulfilling. This session will present and demonstrate some tools for conducting your usability research remotely. You will learn how to set up a test, write good test questions, recruit test participants with disabilities, and interpret the results. We will also discuss the pros and cons of remote vs. in-person testing, and moderated vs. unmoderated testing.



May 18th, 2017


8:30 am-10:00 am

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BYO Laptop Session


Design & Usability


Basic knowledge of usability testing

Take Aways

  • Pros and cons of remote usability testing
  • How to set up and conduct a remote usability test
  • How to use the AccessWorks database for recruiting participants with disabilites


Room TH 203

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