Painless Accessibility Testing: An Introduction to Accessibility Testing Using our Pain-free, Streamline, and Modular Process

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Accessibility testing doesn’t have to hurt. We’ll show you how to easily create custom test plans that work for your situation, and how to group tests, pages, and testers in an efficient way. We’ll then walk through a sample testing flow, showing how you can cover all the bases with all the tools without confusion, pain, or unnecessary effort! The modular process will cover taking WCAG 2.0 requirements and turning them into a comprehensive set of seamless testing requirements. Leveraging the WCAG 2.0 AA requirements can be daunting, but with our set of translated WCAG guidelines attendees will feel inspired and empowered to test for accessibility!


Modular testing allows for flexibility

  • Understanding of how to make sure your accessibility testing is comprehensive o Ensure WCAG has been covered without having to bounce around concepts
  • Tailor which requirements to test for depending on your project; if a project/product does not have any video content, disregard requirements associated with video capabilities. The “how-to test” flow • Share our open-sourced set of comprehensive requirements
  • Communicate the importance of having a record of what has been fixed/not fixed • Highlight how testing can be collaborative and shared – one person does not have to go at it alone



May 18th, 2017


8:30 am-10:00 am

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Take Aways

  • How to easily develop an accessibility test plan covering scope, tools, tests, and responsibilities (we’ll provide a template).
  • How one or more testers can follow the pain-free testing methodology to find, communicate, track, and validate failures (using the testing matrix template we’ll provide).
  • How this methodology can stand alone, or fit into a bigger methodology that helps entire organizations ramp up accessibility as painlessly as possible (this will be brief and plug our other workshop entitled “How to Inject Accessibility into your Organization”


Room TH 216

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