How to Inject Accessibility into Your Organization

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Does your organization need to add accessibility to their process, but you’re not sure how to start? Are things moving so fast, do you wonder how to get accessibility added and adopted without getting top management to mandate it and stop everything until you’re ready (which won’t happen)?

This session will teach you how to inject accessibility into an organization that isn’t going to stop and wait for it to be implemented. You’ll learn how to evaluate your situation and develop tools using a user-centric approach that can and WILL be used. This workshop is for everyone – from the accessibility leader to lone novice tasked with getting it done.


  • Share a brief history of Accessibility at Visa, growing from none to global visibility
  • Discussion of how to evaluate YOUR users, (i.e., the members of your organization) and build a process they’ll want to adopt
  • Overview of how to write custom requirements, test cases, and training that minimizes stress on your team but covers all the bases (or use ours!)
  • Discussion of the various steps and pieces to put in place to make sure everyone in the organization is comfortable, informed, and prepared to add accessibility to their roles!
  • Tips on how to gain support and get the word out!



May 18th, 2017


2:15 pm-3:45 pm

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Business Strategy



Take Aways

  • Participants will see how accessibility can fit into their unique organization
  • Understand a user-centric approach to getting organizations to adopt accessibility
  • How to write requirements, test cases, and training for your organization (or use ours!)
  • Practical tips to find allies and socialize accessibility
  • How to multiply the efforts of a very small (even one person) accessibility team to reach the entire organization


Room TH 211

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