Including Speech Input Users: What’s Frustrating, What’s Needed

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Speech input is different from other input methods in several ways, and depending on how it’s used it can speed users up, or slow them down. We’ll talk about how to minimize its imperfections and maximize its potential, including some practical steps developers can take to better include speech users. We’ll also talk about the history of speech commands and why they developed the way they did, what makes a speech command easier or harder to use, cognitive load, command phrasing, and what developers can do to greatly advance the way speech users work.

We’ll also spend some time on a related topic – the practical application of interactive transcripts, both for accessibility and mainstream use.


Kim Patch


May 17th, 2017


8:30 am-10:00 am

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Business Strategy – Content – Design & Usability – Dev/Coding – Testing



Take Aways

  • How speech users work on desktop and mobile
  • How speech input dovetails with other input methods, including pointer and touch
  • How speech commands relate to applications and websites
  • How software/app/web developers can make life easier for speech users

Extra related topic: interactive transcripts

  • How to set up interactive transcripts, including workflow, and encourage the mainstream to adapt accessible technology


Room TH 215

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