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You’ve started to look at testing the accessibility of your websites, and understand some of the basics around alt text and color contrast, but how to do build out a more robust testing process? How do you create a process where you can divide up the testing work, get help, and ensure consistent and complete results? How do you avoid some of the major “gotchas” which might invalidate a portion of the testing results?

In this class, we’ll outline a checklist-based approach to accessibility testing, breaking the process into sections and examining what details on setup and testing method need to be included to ensure consistent, reliable results.


Owen Edwards


May 18th, 2017


10:15 am-11:45 am

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Some experience in testing website accessibility. A basic knowledge of HTML would be helpful, but not required.

Take Aways

  • Broader knowledge of accessibility testing
  • An understanding of different ways that people with disabilities access websites
  • The ability to prioritize certain aspects of testing, and to create checklists which allow testing tasks to be shared across a team
  • Greater confidence that the problems you find are not through “user error”!


Room TH 303: SSB Bart Room

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