Establishing Accessibility within Your Organization

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Learning how to make your digital products accessible is one thing, integrating Accessibility across your design, development and testing practices is another. From making the case for Accessibility, to training and marshalling internal resources, to working with users, and measuring success, we’ve learned many lessons over our 10 year journey – in some cases, the hard way.

This is the talk we wished we had had when we were first starting out.  We had so many questions, but weren’t always sure where to turn for answers, especially since those answers tended to change as our organization, technology, and design and development practices changed.

We’ll start the session by having participants introduce themselves and briefly describe the main questions or concerns they’re grappling with. Then, we’ll share our story, how we started our initiative, and how it – and the challenges we face – have evolved over time. After that, we’ll dedicate time to interactive discussion with participants on the topics they care about most. These may include:

  • The pitch – what will resonate within your organization?
  • Engaging your organization – what to do once you’ve been given the green light?
  • How to balance remediation efforts against new projects?
  • How can accessibility and user research dovetail?
  • I’m just one person, what do I do?!


Marguerite Bergel and Ann Chadwick Dias


May 18th, 2017


2:15pm – 5:30pm

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Lecture / Discussion


Business Strategy



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Many challenges are common across sectors and industries, whether your organization is large or small. Other considerations will obviously be more specific. But there is a lot we can learn from each other. Any Accessibility is better than no Accessibility. The time is now, let’s dig in!


Room TH 215

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