Digital Accessibility Trends in Education

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Are you aware of the legal risks associated with Digital Accessibility at your institution?  Are you aware of the lawsuits in the higher education space related to access to course materials for students?  Are you concerned that your institution might be exposed to legal risk and unaware of the consequences?

In our Digital Accessibility Trends session SSB will focus on key digital accessibility trends and developments in the education sector.  We will share the current state in the education sector regarding lawsuits, legal actions, OCR claims and provide insight into future projections for the market.  Additionally, we will provide a view into the latest technologies as well as a detailed look at the laws and regulations that impact educational institutions.


Owen Edwards


May 17th, 2017


10:15 am-11:45 am

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Business Strategy



Take Aways

  • Overview of the accessibility environment for educational institutions – including a view into recent lawsuits impacting education
  • Big picture trends and numbers
  • Overview of the various laws and regulations that need to be considered as an institution of higher learning


Room TH 303: SSB Bart Room

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