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Imagine a world where all products are accessible. No one has to worry about whether the font will be legible or the system will read correctly to a vision-impaired reader. As users get older and their hands can no longer easily move a mouse or they can not sit very long to complete their work. What a wonderful world it would be!

The fact that you are attending AccessU means that you (or our organization) already recognizes that software is not all that usable. You are taking steps to solve these problems from the beginning of the software development process. But is your organization doing everything it can to build in accessibility into the actual design of the products from the beginning? This workshop will take you through the steps of building good design practices into your software development processes. Whether you are employing an agile methodology or some other software development cycle, you will learn how integrating personas, design patterns, style guides, design sprints and workshops along with iteration practices can improve your software, along with the bottom line. Integrating accessible / universal design into the process can reduce costs by reducing re-work and costly upgrades.

This is a hands-on workshop. If you have a particular design problem you would like us to consider as a class example, please contact the instructor prior to the workshop.


Elisa Miller


May 19th, 2017


8:30 am-5:30 pm (Full Day Post Conference)

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BYO Laptop Session


Design & Usability



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How do you build accessibility into the design process from the beginning? By including accessibility from the get go! We will walk through an entire design process, using exercises for:
– Identifying users
– Creating personas
– Focusing on user problems (research)
– Generating ideas
– Creating prototype designs
– Testing designs


Room TH 117

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